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State University of New York ATTAIN (Advanced Technology Training And Information Networking) center is a community based center offering an assortment of academic, occupational, and employability courses. These courses are geared to introduce, as well as supplement students with educational and vocational skills, through advanced technology training for a high-demanding technological world.


Courseware for all academic levels, whether you’re working on TASC or getting ready for college entry.

♦ Mathematics
♦ Reading
♦ Writing/Language
♦ Science
♦ Social Studies
♦ Keyboarding/Typing Skills

Rosetta Stone

♦ English as a Second Language
♦ Learn any of 24 Languages


Learn the fundamental skills needed to perform basic tasks on the computer.

Microsoft Digital Literacy

♦ Work with Computers
♦ Access Information Online
♦ Communicate Online
♦ Create Digital Content
♦ Windows Server Administration Fundamentals
♦ Collaborate and Manage Content Digitally


Get your resume noticed with a certification from Microsoft or Intuit.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

♦ Word Specialist
♦ Word Expert
♦ Excel Specialist
♦ Excel Expert
♦ PowerPoint Specialist
♦ Outlook Specialist
♦ Access Specialist

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)
Developer Exams
♦ Introduction to Programming Using Java
♦ Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS
♦ Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript
♦ Introduction to Programming Using Python
♦ HTML5 Application Developer Fundamentals
♦ Software Development Fundamentals


Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)
Database Exams
♦ Database Administration Fundamentals

IT Infrastructure Exams
♦ Mobility and Device Fundamentals
♦ Security Fundamentals
♦ Networking Fundamentals
♦ Windows Server Administration Fundamentals
♦ Windows Operating System Fundamentals

Intuit QuickBooks

Certified User



Find out which careers interest you most! We have introductory courses which can help you prepare for vocational education programs!

♦ Office Skills
♦ Nursing Assistant Preparation
♦ Health Care Aide
♦ Child Care Series
♦ Building Maintenance
♦ Security Officer Training
♦ Resume Help



♦ Architecture Construction
♦ Arts, Audio/Video Technology Communications
♦ Business, Management & Administration
♦ Education & Training
♦ Finance
♦ Foundational Skills
♦ Government & Public Administration
♦ Health Science
♦ Hospitality & Tourism
♦ Human Services
♦ Information Technology
♦ Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
♦ Manufacturing
♦ Transportation, Distribution & Logistics